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Engineering group

During running days train rides are run behind powerful miniature locomotives (sometimes steam). Come along to get your taste of these amazing pieces of machinery and so much more.

A lap of our track

A lap of our outdoor track (raised, multi-gauge) behind a Butch. This locomotive is driven by Mr B. Newbury, and filmed by Mr. S Bennett. For more information on our outside track, look on our Engineering Group Page.

The Engineering Group encompasses all forms of model engineering enthusiasts from first timers, to experienced model builders working in metals, wood and plastic. There is a wide range of models and tools built from the simplest steam engines to the most elaborate locomotives and machine tools. 

We don’t just build steam models, there are IC engines, petrol and electric engines, high speed cars (tethered cars page), machine tools, measuring equipment, clocks and anything in between. At meetings (see below for times) we discuss modeling techniques

Working bee’s to improve our facilities are always on the cards too. All new members of the club, no matter their level of experience are welcome to attend. Members are more than happy to help new modellers with their projects with advice when needed.

Our outside multi gauge railway caters for 2 ½, 3 ½, 5 and 7.25 inch gauge locomotives with a maximum working weight of 500 kg’s. The steaming bays have water and compressed air on hand with secure storage for locomotives.

This group meets every month on the 3rd Monday of the Month at the OMES clubrooms at 7:30pm.

Engineering Group Facilities

  • Outside Railway Track (2.5′, 3.5′, 5′, 7.25′ Gauge Raised Track, limited to locomotives of 500kg (unloading reasons)
  • Air operated points (some), signaling systems (4 locomotives or more on track, blind corners and points protected)
  • Steaming Bays, Steaming Shed and Electric Shed (Running Water, Compressed Air every track, coal and char, oils, kindling, locomotive storage)
  • Club Workshop, (lathes, drills, hand tools etc.)